Can you sell puppies in sims 3?

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I gave a Sim to a woman who had two cats and two dogs. They are one of each gender because we are going to be breeding these lovable furballs to turn a profit. Emilie is both a snob and a dog lover. It’s suitable for someone who breeds cats and dogs for a living.

I moved them into their new home with a little bit of magic. The cats and dogs were encouraged to breed by Emilie. It is important that your Sim is friends with both pets in order to encourage them to mate with each other. If your Sim is not compatible with one or both animals, it will be difficult to have a relationship. Since she started out friends with all of her pets, this wasn’t a problem for her.


She had a cat that got pregnant right away, but her Yorkie took a few tries to have a baby. When trying to grow your family, a pregnancy isn’t always guaranteed. Your pets will rub noses when a mating is successful. A happy moodlet will be given to your Sim. Pets will act aggressively with each other and your Sim will be sad if it is unsuccessful.

Within a few hours, you will know if your cat or dog has conceived a litter of kittens or puppies. If a few hours have passed without a conception notification, try to get your pet to mate again. It may take some time, but perseverance will eventually pay off.

There won’t be any changes in your dog or cat while she’s pregnant. While they were pregnant, I didn’t see a change in their weight. Pet pregnancies are shorter than Sim pregnancies. They went into labour one day after getting pregnant. The labour notification for cats and dogs is the same as the one for pregnant Sims.

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The Gone Into Labour! was received. Notification for your cat or dog, keep an eye on her. It will be a few hours before she gives birth. When a kitten or puppy is born, your cat or dog will lie down and you will get a notification. You will be able to name the puppy or kitten. There were two kittens, one boy and one girl. Domo had three puppies. Your pets will give birth to larger litters if you use the Breeding Ground lot trait. Cats and dogs can have a lot of babies.

If you plan on breeding your cats and dogs, it is a good idea to pay attention to the characteristics of their parents. The price of any kittens or puppies you sell may be affected by the trait. One of the kittens sold for less than the other kittens and puppies because it had some undesirable characteristics.

Selling your Kittens and Puppies

You can sell the kittens or puppies via the phone once they are born. You can hire a service in the phone tab. Sell pet should be one of the options. The only things that can be sold are kittens and puppies. If you want to get rid of an adult cat or dog, you have to put them up for adoption. You can pick the kitten or puppy when you choose Sell Pet. You would like to sell. Only one kitten or puppy can be sold at a time.

After you confirm the sale, you will receive a sum of simoleons and a pet adoption agent will come to the house with a pet carrier to pick up the kitten or puppy. I received between 350-400 for each pet. Cats and dogs can be bred for profit in The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs, as other players report receiving over 500 per pet.

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How to Sell Your Pet in The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs

Even though owning a pet in The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs is a great new experience, maybe you are tired of cleaning up all the poop? You can sell your pet if you don’t want to put them up for adoption. If you wanted to make it as a breeder, you can. You can only sell puppies or kittens.

You can either use your phone or computer to do this. You can sell your pet from the Household section on the computer. Pick the Household/Career section and choose Hire a Service if you are on the phone. Pick the Sell Pet option. Depending on how well-trained they were, you can get different amounts. I adopted a puppy and immediately sold it for 350. It is profitable to just adopt an animal for 200 and then sell it.

Remember that you can’t sell adult animals. You can only get money for puppies and kittens.

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