How did the name hush puppies come about?

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History of Hushpuppies

Hushpuppies are traditionally served with fried catfish. Corn dodgers are popular in the South. There are a lot of interesting stories about the beginnings of hushpuppies.

Hushpuppies originated in the settlement of Nouvell Orleans. Shortly after 1727. A group of nuns from France created them. The nuns made a delicious food out of cornmeal. These croquettes were made in the southern states.

The name hushpuppy is said to have been given to this food by an African cook. A puppy began to howl when a bunch of catfish and croquettes were being fried. She gave the puppy a plateful of croquettes to keep it quiet. The name stuck since it was cut. The story is also attributed to a Creole cook.

For days at a time, hunters and trappers could be on the trail. The hunting dogs would get hungry at suppertime so the hunters would mix a batter out of flour or cornmeal and cook it on the campfire. The fried dough would be thrown to the pups and they would be told to be quiet.

The soldiers prepared their meals by sitting beside the campfire. If they saw Yankee soldiers approaching, they would toss their yapping dogs some of the fried cornmeal cakes.

The salamander was known as a “water dog” or “water puppy” in the South. These were formed into sticks. They were called hushpuppies because they were not something a southern wife would want her neighbors to know about.


There is a In one bowl, mix dry ingredients. Put wet ingredients in a separate bowl.

There is a When the batter is just combined, whisk wet and dry mixes together. Rest for 10 minutes.

There is a Keep the oil at a steady temperature in a stockpot or mini electric fry pot. The batter should be dropped into the oil in batches of eight. The cooking process takes about 60 to 90 seconds. tongs should be used as soon as the hush puppies start to float. It’s a good idea to put a pasta strainer on top of them.

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To quickly drain, use a spoon and transfer it to a brown bag. It’s hot to serve steaming hot.

What Are Hush Puppies?

Traditionally, Hushpuppies are made of cornmeal and shaped into balls. The name “hush puppy” comes from the idea that they were originally given to hunting dogs as treats. They would be quiet when hunting near a game. They are easy finger food for any occasion.

Hush puppies are a type of cornbread that is fried. They are often served as a side dish and are accompanied by spicy dipping sauces.

Hush puppies have been around for decades, but their popularity has grown in recent years with more people learning about them. There is a famous restaurant in New Orleans called Galatoire’s that serves hush puppies. They serve them with Hollandaise sauce.

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History of Hush Puppies

There is a story about how hush puppies came about.

That is not the only story.

A different story of origin is created by another historical reference.

And yet another story…

Now that you know a bit about Americana history, here is my updated version of an American classic.

You have the ability to decide which historical attribute you want to believe in.

How to make Hush Puppies.

This is a great treat for game day or any party.

These fried balls are delicious, but they are still missing something. Hmm. It could be a spicy dip to highlight the sweet corn flavor. The spicy corn aioli does the trick.

Making it.

Aioli has become popular in recent years. All kinds of aioli are available in restaurants. There are so many varieties. I wonder what aioli is. It is a fancy word for mayonnaise. It is mayonnaise made with olive oil instead of vegetable oil and has garlic, salt and black pepper in it. Hellman’s makes olive oil mayonnaise as well as other brands, making the process of aioli simple. You can mix the mayo and seasonings in the jar.

The homemade version of harissa is even more delicious than the store bought version. The recipe can be found here.

Grab a puppy and you are ready to eat.

Place it in the aioli.

You will be able to stop if you take a bite.

This old time American favorite is brought to another level by the aioli.

Party food is perfect.

If you want to eliminate the guilt associated with eating deep fried food, pair it with a healthy salad.

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