How do you stop a teething puppy from biting?

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AKC Answer:

Puppies mouth or nip for a number of reasons. Two of the primary reasons are teething and becoming tired. Puppies play with their littermates and explore the world. All fun stops immediately when your puppy nips you. When you play with your puppy, make sure you have a toy. If he does nip you, we recommend the following.

There is a For five seconds, stop all interaction. No interaction means no talking or eye contact.

Stand up or leave the room for five seconds if he continues to nip after the break.

Put him in his crate quietly if he continues to mouth or nip you. This is just a time out.

There is a While he is in his crate, be sure he has something to chew on. We recommend freezing a stuffed Kong for teething puppies.

There is a Other deterrents include bitter no-chew sprays, lemon juice, and hot pepper sauce.

How To Survive Puppy Teething

When puppies are teething, they bite everything to soothe the pain. If your dog tries to chew on something that isn’t appropriate, take his attention to something else. There are a few good options.

The KONG Puppy Teething Stick is designed to soothe your puppy’s baby teeth and gums. Along with giving your pup something to chew on, this thick rubber stick has grooves that help clean teeth.

Kong Puppy Binkie. The toy is made of rubber and looks like a baby binkie. Positive chewing behavior is promoted by satisfying your puppy’s natural instinct to chew. Similar to the classic KONG, you can fill this puppy binkie with delicious treats. Click here for Kong stuffer ideas.

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Rope toys are easy to clean and hard to destroy. You can pop the rope toy in the freezer if you soak it in water. Your dog will benefit from the cold.

Carrots are a great dog treat. To soothe teething puppies, dice them up, freeze the chunks, and let them gnaw away.

You can try to deal with the teething stage.

There is a It’s possible to keep your dog out of trouble with the help of crate training. When you can’t keep an eye on him. Click here to see my 5 step crate training success. It is possible to stop the issue by spraying a little Bitter Apple onto your dog’s favorite no-no chew area. If your dog begins gnawing on the bitter coated spot, he should be deterred by the taste.

Make Playtime Productive

It is necessary for a puppy to communicate in a human-dominated world. Interactive play with your new best friend is a great way to bond. There is a pet play place. When figuring out how to stop a puppy from biting, the butterfly puppy teether is a useful tool.

It is important to have fun and get to know your dog so that he understands the relationship. If your puppy starts looking at your hand as a chew toy, it is encouraged to let out a short, high-pitched bark. This lets him know that he has been too aggressive.

Provide Alternatives

Providing a young dog with better alternatives allows him to chew, but also helps curb undesirable behavior, which is critical in early training.

Newman says to immediately divert his attention to a fun toy, rope tug, ball or whatever his favorite is, as soon as his teeth disengage.

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The DuraChew Dental Chew Dinosaur Dog Toy is a great alternative to furniture and clothing as it aids with dental hygiene. Provide your dog with plenty of appealing alternatives to encourage new, positive behaviors. The KONG Puppy Dog Toy has a rubber surface that can stand up to hours of playing. It has a hollow interior that can be filled with dog treats. Adding frozen fruits and veggies to it will help soothe sore gums and provide extra nutrition for your dog.

He will catch on to good behavior if you give your dog a proper item to chew on.

Reinforce Good Behavior

Giving your puppy a treat is a great way to discourage him from biting. And what not. When playing with your dog, be sure to include plenty of positive reinforcement for choosing a chew toy over your hand or favorite hat. Positive reinforcement uses treats or praise to reward good behavior. Positive attention is what your dog thrives on. Newman encourages owners to follow through with any reward in the form of interactive play when trying to figure out how to stop a puppy from biting.

Newman says that since interactive attention is what your puppy is craving, don’t expect him to go off and entertain himself with a bone or toy.

Consistency is important when learning how to stop puppy biting, and frequent play will build mutual feelings of trust and satisfaction.

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