How long can a 9 week old puppy be crated?

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Crating Your Dog While at Work – Is It Cruel? Here’s Your Answer…

Are you considering adopting a new dog or puppy, but unsure of what to do with it while you are away at work? Maybe you have behavioral problems with your existing pet. Is it possible to crate your dog while at work? It is not easy to decide if it is okay to crate your dog while you are at work.

This isn’t helped by the fact that opinions are very different on the topic. Crating your dog while you are at work is often the best solution for people who believe that dogs love to be crated. At the other end of the scale are people who believe that crating a dog for long periods of time is cruel and constitutes animal abuse. What is the real answer? In this article, we will attempt to present both sides of the topic and help you come to your own opinion as to whether it is cruel or essential to crate your dog while you are busy at work.

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Choosing The Right Crate For Crate Training A Dog While At Work

It is important to choose a crate that will fit your dog’s size. Your dog won’t be able to stretch out and relax if the crate is too small. If a crate is too large, your dog may go towards one end to go to the potty, while sleeping and resting at the other end.

If you are crate training a small puppy, resist the temptation to purchase one crate to accommodate the size they will eventually be as an adult. To accommodate a growing puppy, you may need to purchase two or three different size crates. Consider renting a crate or buying a second-hand crate to save money.

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Common Problems With Crate Training

A puppy is crate trained.

Like human babies, puppies don’t have the same amount of bladder control as fully grown dogs. If you try to crate train a puppy for long periods of time when they are not ready to go to the potty, you will cause them to soil their crate. It can be difficult to get a puppy to stop soiling their crate in the future.

I’m wringing.

If your dog whines in the crate, you have to decide if you should let them out or if they need to go to the potty. This is a judgement call you will need to make, based on how recently your dog ate or drank something and how long it has been since they last went to the potty. If you let your dog out because they are whining, they will learn that it’s a sure-fire way of being let out of the crate. Don’t yell or scold your dog for complaining. Ignore their behavior if you are convinced that they are just trying to get you to let them out. If you think they need to go to the potty, let them out for a break and then put them back in the crate.

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Scolding in a crate.

Crating is not a form of punishment for your dog. If your dog comes to associate the crate with negative consequences, such as being scolded or spoken to in an unfriendly tone of voice, you will quickly undo all the hard work you put in to successfully crate training your dog.

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How Long Can A Dog Be Crated?

This is the ultimate question when it comes to making decisions about disciplining your dog, and like all aspects of this controversial topic, opinions are divided. Some people think that dogs can only be crated for short periods of time, such as during an illness or while recovering from an injury, or while traveling.

Other people who are proponents of dog crating say that dogs can be crated for the same amount of time as they can reasonably be expected to delay their urge to go to the potty. Adult dogs can be crated all night and for half a day. Puppies can only be confined to a crate for short periods of time because their potty skills are still being developed. To calculate how many hours a puppy can be expected to delay the urge to go to the potty, take their age in months and add one. A four-month-old puppy is expected to be able to delay the urge to go to the potty for five hours.

What Happens To Dogs Crated For Too Long?

It can help to understand some opinions on the long-term ramifications of keeping dogs confined to a crate for extended periods of time if you are wondering whether putting my dog in crate to sleep then while at work amounts to crating for too long. Dogs can suffer both psychological and physical problems from being crated for too long, including separation anxiety, eating disorders, depression, and muscle atrophy, as well as the inability to form meaningful bonds with humans. crating denies dogs from expressing their most basic, natural needs including stretching, moving around, exploring their environment, and going to the potty as needed.

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