How long can you crate a 6 month old puppy?

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Why Should I Crate Train My Dog or Puppy?

The crate can be used as a safe place for a new dog to stay during his transition to his new home. The first item on your list should be crate training.

Some dogs love the crate and others hate it. I think it’s easier to crate train a puppy than an adult dog. All dogs of any age should be crate trained.

Are you searching for the best crate for your dog?

I perform home visits prior to people being approved to adopt a dog, part of my volunteer time for the rescue I work with. I have to ask if they have experience and if they are open to crate training.

Most people say yes, they have used a crate with previous dogs, or are willing to crate train their new dog. Some people are afraid of the crate because they think it is cruel to put a dog in it all day.

Is Crate Training Cruel?

A dog in a crate is not cruel. The crate is a safe place for your dog.

Every dog we foster must be crate trained immediately. It keeps our foster dogs safe from our resident dogs and helps the dog relax in a safe place.

The crate is a good place to teach a dog if they don’t like it right away.

The previous owner disliked the word crate so much that he called it his BED. When we want Bear to go into his crate, we have to tell him to go to your bed. Maybe if you don’t like the idea of a crate, you can call it your dogs bed.

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When Bear is left home alone, he no longer needs a crate. I put the crate away because Bear prefers to sleep on our bed.

Our dog Ginger prefers to sleep in her crate at night, we never close the door. When she knows she wants to be left alone, Ginger will sneak away to sleep in her crate during the day. She believes her crate is her safety zone. Every dog is unique.

Learn the 3 Easy Steps to Crate Train Your Puppy or Adult Dog

Learning how to crate train your puppy is essential to his training and sanity. Martini is an awesome puppy and we are fostering her.

Puppies like to chew and bite everything they can find. Without the crate, I wouldn’t get any work done.

crate training will make potty training easy.

The crate can help make the transition to your home smooth if you adopt an adult dog. A safe place for a dog to sleep and get away from a busy household is provided by the crate.

Don’t forget to read our article about the best dog crates. I pick the right crate type, size and more.

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Where is the Best Place to Put My Dogs Crate?

Only you can answer this question, choose a place that is convenient for you. Our bedroom is where we keep our dogs crate.

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The lower level was the best place to start for foster dogs. Our resident dogs can keep their space as their own, while the foster dog can have her own space. My husband leaves work very early in the morning and most foster dogs wake up when he gets up for work. The foster dog on the lower level keeps the morning quiet and allows me to sleep.

If you have a puppy, place it in a crate. He will be able to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. A new puppy won’t be able to hold her bladder all night long. You can learn how to potty train a puppy.

How Long Can My Dog Be in the Crate?

Your dog should be in his crate for a certain amount of time. Even though he is in a crate, a young puppy needs to go outside to potty often.

One hour for every month is the rule for puppies. If your puppy is 8 weeks/2 months old, he can wait about 2 hours before going to potty. 6 months old.

You need to gauge your own dog. If you come home after 3 hours and your puppy is in the crate, then you need to shorten the time between letting him outside.

I recommend 8 hours for adult dogs. If you can, come home from work during the lunch hour. Hire a dog walker for a break.

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