How long does it take to kill roundworms in puppies?

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Parasite mutations

In situations where there are a lot of dogs with a lot of parasites, there are more opportunities for parasites to develop rare mutations that will allow them to survive the dewormer treatments. If dewormers are applied frequently, the newly emerging resistant worms will survive and pass on the genes that helped them sneak past the drug to their offspring.

Most of the drug-susceptible worms at the farm or kennel will be killed with repeated treatments.

The problem is compounded by the fact that veterinarians don’t typically test animals after treatment to ensure the worms are gone, so the drug-resistant worms go undetected until the dog has a heavy infection and starts showing signs of hookworm disease.

The researchers found that almost all of the fecal samples tested positive for the variation that allows hookworms to survive treatment with benzimidazoles, a broad-spectrum class of dewormers used in both animals and humans. Other types of testing by the team showed that the hookworms were resistant to the other two types of drugs.

The greyhound adoption industry is very committed because they are lovely dogs. I used to own one. The drug-resistant hookworms are going to show up in other pet dogs when those dogs are adopted.

Dog parks are a possible breeding ground for a potential drug-resistant hookworm outbreak.

Kaplan said that he wouldn’t take his dog to a dog park. It is not as easy to treat your dog with medication if he picks up resistant hookworms. Taking your dog to a dog park is considered a risky activity until new types of drugs are available.

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The consequences 

The worms don’t have to be eaten by dogs. Hookworm can burrow through the dog’s skin and paws. Female dogs can pass the parasites on to their puppies.

Dog hookworms can also cause diseases in humans.

After the worms penetrate the skin, they cause a red, very itchy rash as they travel under the skin. The number of drug-resistant worms will pose a risk to humans.

Doctors used to treat patients with a dewormer and a corticosteroid. Kaplan said that it wasn’t going to work against drug-resistant hookworms.

Hope is not completely lost.

The multiple-drug resistant dog hookworms do appear to be susceptible to emodepside, a dewormer currently only approved for use in cats. The use of this cat drug on dogs should only be done by a vet.

The American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists formed a national task force to address the issue of drug resistance in canine hookworms based on Castro’s work.

Hannah Huff, a veterinary student at the University of Georgia, is one of the co-authors on the study.

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