How long of a walk for a puppy?

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How far can I walk my puppy?

A slow 20-minutestroll once or twice a day is a good rule of thumb for most puppies. My answer on puppy exercise is longer.

There is a lot of fear about walking a puppy or young dog too far. It is good to be cautious, but too often it is taken to the extreme.

My general approach to dog training and puppy exercise is that a tired dog is a good dog. I ran for 8 years. I train with my dog.

I want to exercise all dogs as much as possible. I like to exercise my dogs more than the average person.

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Don’t be afraid to walk your puppy!

A puppy’s growth plates don’t close until they are around 12 months old, so it’s good to be cautious when exercising. Some vets say that puppies that experience heavier exercise are more likely to develop joint issues at some point.

It is good to lean on the side of caution when exercising a puppy.

For 30 minutes at least once a day, you should be safe walking your 10 week old Lab puppy. A half-hour is a safe distance for most puppies.

It comes down to common sense. Every breed is different, so you can always consult with your puppy’s vet or breeder for another opinion.

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A Jack Russell terrier puppy is more energetic than a cocker spaniel puppy.

Benefits of walking your puppy, even at 8 weeks old

Puppies that get out for walks are getting socialized.

2 Slow, steady walking helps puppies build strength.

3 It is not healthy for a puppy to sit in a kennel all day.

4 Puppies that get more exercise are easier to train. My puppy is wild at night.

5 Many of the young dogs in shelters have behavioral problems related to poor socializing and too much energy.

6. Genetics and other factors like early spaying/neutering can affect a dog’s chances of developing joint issues.

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Ask your puppy’s vet

I would talk to your puppy’s vet and your puppy’s breeder about this issue. They can give you the best advice.

It doesn’t hurt to talk with more than one vet as veterinarians don’t seem to have a clear consensus on this issue No one really knows. There are no studies that show that walking a puppy will hurt his joints. If that ever changes, I will update this post.

You know your puppy better than anyone else. People feel the need to share their strong opinions about not walking a puppy too far because dog owners mean well.

Trust your gut and be reasonable. Back off if you are concerned.

I think it’s important to provide as much exercise as possible. For me, that meant two 35-min walks a day. We have to make our own decisions in the dog world.

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There are exercise ideas for hyper dogs.

When can my puppy visit the dog park?

I prefer to keep my puppies away from dog parks for at least the first 6 months.

Dog parks are not bad for puppies but they can be very overwhelming and you have little control over the other dogs.

I don’t want to scare my puppy. I would like to have a smaller playdate with appropriate dogs.

It is possible to take your puppy to a dog park in the middle of the day during the week or late in the morning when it is quieter.

A positive experience for your puppy might be socializing with one or two friendly dogs. Leave if your puppy is frightened.

Enough from me! I would like to hear your thoughts on puppy exercise.

How far should you walk a puppy?

How do you find a balance for puppy exercise?

Let me know in the comments.

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