How long should i crate my puppy?

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Is Crating During The Day Appropriate For Dogs With Separation Anxiety?

A crate is your dog’s “happy place” and being inside it will make them relax. Crating your dog can help prevent certain behaviors.

Crating can keep your dog from getting hurt when separation anxiety occurs.

If your dog is not used to being in a crate, being confined while you are away can be distressing for them. It is possible to crate your dog for a few minutes at a time while you are home to help them get used to it.

A baby gate is a good alternative to a crate if you want to keep your dog out of dangerous places like the kitchen or bathroom.

How Long Should You Crate Your Dog During The Day?

A full eight-hour workday, not counting travel time, is a long time for a dog to be in a crate without access to water or a way to eliminate it. Many adult dogs can handle this schedule.

If you schedule your dog to go without water or go to the bathroom for eight hours or more, it can lead to health issues like urinary tract infections.

If you have other family members who have work or school schedules that are different from yours, that would be great. Your dog is never alone for a full day. It is ideal to have a few emergency contacts with spare keys who can visit your dog in the event that you are not able to get home in time.

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Dog owners don’t leave water bowls in crates because they can make a mess. If you will be gone for more than a few hours at a time, it is a good idea to make sure your dog has water. It is possible to get a water bottle for your dog that is similar to a hamster bottle.

Make Crating During The Day More Comfortable For Your Dog

It is possible to include a long nap during your work hours for your dog. It is possible for you to help make this happen by making sure your dog gets plenty of exercise before and after they are crated.

It’s a good idea to crate your dog about ten minutes before you leave. If they can watch you put on your shoes and grab your keys, they will be less anxious. It is better for them to feel safe when you leave.

Music therapy can help promote calmness and relieve anxiety. lavender essential oil can be used for calming aromas.

When you leave, you can put some treats in a Kong to keep your dog occupied. As many dogs need to eliminate right after they eat, it may be better to limit it to a few snacks. Ensure that your dog has time to go potty before you leave by serving breakfast as soon as you wake up.

Better dog to family relationships and more control

Your entire family can benefit from crate training your puppy. When the need arises, no one likes to fight with their dog to get them into a crate. When you crate train your puppy at a young age, they will go in willingly and without a fight. Send your dog to their crate if someone comes to the door and he or she is a problem.

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We crate train all the puppies we raise as custom trained dogs. All of our own dogs are crate trained. It makes for a better adjusted puppy.

You need to buy a crate if you want to crate train your puppy. The size and type of crate are important.

My husband and I are professional retriever trainers, so any products listed here are items we use on an almost daily basis. The products we recommend are good quality and will stand the test of time. Links to the product can be included when possible. I may be paid a small commission on some of the links. I have my own opinions and recommendations. You can learn more.

Size of crate for crate training retrievers

The crate should be large enough that your puppy is comfortable laying in it, but small enough that your puppy can walk around. The puppy should be protected and snug. As your puppy grows, you will need larger crates, that’s the unfortunate thing about crate training this way. This is the best way to crate your puppy.

There are other methods if you don’t want to buy multiple crates. Some people buy a large crate, the size their dog will need as an adult, and then section off some of it. The puppy will not be able to walk around inside the crate if a portion of it is blocked. This can work, but be careful with what you use. A material that can be chewed or eaten by a puppy is not something you want to use. Puppies are chewers, so keep that in mind.

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