How many puppies can a shih tzu dog have?

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Litter Size Guide for Shih Tzu

How many puppies will a shih tzu usually have? We have an answer for you. A shih tzu will usually have 3 puppies per litter. Your dog should have around 3 to 4 puppies. If your dog is older and has given birth before, there is a chance that they could have a larger litter. Around 20% of litters will need a C section delivery.

There is a huge difference in the numbers between a shih tzu litter and another dog. If you have a german shepherd, you could potentially have as many as 8 puppies. Smaller dogs tend to have around 6 puppies.

Why does it cost so much to buy a shih tzu puppy? The tzus tend to have smaller litters. There aren’t as many dogs to sell. People will charge a lot of money for popular dogs.

How Many Puppies Will a First Time Shih Tzu Mom Have?

She will have a smaller litter if the shih tzu is younger. When dogs get older, they tend to have bigger litters.

It can be hard to know how many puppies a shih tzu will have. You can expect as few as 1 puppy or as many as 4 puppies. It is not likely that your dog will have more than 4 puppies the first time around.

Most pups come on the third or fourth litter. The litters will get smaller after this point. Since it can be bad for their health to have more pregnancies past this point, it is best to avoid breeding your shih tzu more than four times. It isn’t good for your dog’s mental state.

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Since a litter of more than 4 puppies can cause problems for the mother and the puppies, it is important that you keep an eye on your female dog. If there are more than 4 puppies, you are more likely to have smaller, weaker puppies. These puppies are usually going to need a lot more help from their mother, and it can make life difficult for the puppy in some cases.

Is Pregnancy and Birth Dangerous for My Shih Tzu?

20% of shih tzu puppies will be delivered via c section instead of a natural birth. Natural birth can sometimes be dangerous for the puppies and the mother, and there are a few reasons for this.

It is important to note that your shih tzu isn’t always going to need a caesarean section, but most vets will recommend that you get one. This is because shih tzus have narrow hips and the puppies have big heads. There is a chance that the puppies could get stuck inside the birth canal, and this can be very dangerous for the puppies and the mother. Since your vet can inspect the mother and litter size, it is worth speaking to them about what you need to do.

How much does this cost? It depends. If you have a plan to have a section in advance, you could be looking at $500. It could cost up to $2,000 for a last minute section.

How many litters can my dog have?

Most breeders don’t advise against having more than 4 litters from a mother. It can put a lot of pressure on the mother when she is pregnant.

How Many Litters Can a Shih Tzu Have In One Year? 

It is best to not have more than 1 litter every year. If possible, your dog should have a litter every other year. This will give your dog plenty of time to recover.

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More recovery time will be needed for some dogs who give birth via c section. It is not right for a dog with a c section to be giving birth frequently.

If you are buying a puppy from a breeder, there are some questions you need to ask to make sure they are bred ethically. Ask the breeder how many litters the mother has had. Ask when the dog was pregnant last.

It is best not to buy a puppy from a dog that has had more than 3 or 4 litters. There is a chance that the dog may have been mistreated because it is clear that the breeder is just after some easy money.

How Long Will My Shih Tzu Be Pregnant? 

Since a lot of shih tzus need to have caesarean sections in order to give birth to puppies, it is important to know when your dog is due to give birth.

The shih tzu is likely to be pregnant for the same amount of time as most other dog breeds. Dogs are usually pregnant for around 63 days. If you don’t know if your dog is pregnant, you should keep an eye out. Check to see if your dog is eating as much as usual. Are they more tired and less active? Does your dog have swollen nipples? There are a number of signs that your dog is pregnant.

Your vet will be able to see if your dog is pregnant after 20 to 30 days. At 25 days pregnant, your dog can have a blood test where you can see the puppies, and at 5 weeks after the dog has sex with another dog, your dog can have a blood test where you can see the puppies.

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