How much are akita puppies in australia?

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The cost of supplies for an Akita

The right supplies can make it easier to welcome your new Akita into your home. The initial cost of supplies is likely to fall between $245 and $925 after sorting through more than 250 items on the best seller lists. Your first-year cost for a large dog should be around $500. The average cost of food and water bowls is $40.00. $60 for a dog poop crate, $50 for a pooper scooper,$15 for plastic bags, and $30 for house training pads.

As your dog grows, the cost will fall between $105 and $410 each year. The average cost for each year after the first one is $225. toys, a bed, plastic bags, and a tooth-brushing kit are items that need to be bought again. The average cost for the first year is $925, the second year is $105 and the third year is $410

The equipment that isn’t included are a muzzle, clothing, play pens and fences. It accounts for essential supplies. Second-hand stores, local pet shops and popular websites might be worth considering to help save on some items.

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Should you train your Akita?

An Akita gets plenty of professional training according to our expert animal behaviorist and dog trainer. Private lessons for positive leadership as well as for crate training and group lessons for dogs outside of the home are suggested by the author.

You should be able to get training for between $900 and $1200 for 7 to 9 private lessons, plus $150-$200 for five 1-hour group lessons. Training cost ranges from $1,050 to $1,225.

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Dog training books will help you come to terms with the basics of raising and training an Akita dog.

Akita grooming cost

Unless the dog’s owner grooms the dog at home, Akitas should be professionally groomed about 6 times a year. This breed is easy to maintain and most people should be able to do it on their own.

If you take care of the grooming, your yearly cost will be between $0 and $480. The per-session price in a salon is between $60 and $80.

Professional grooming includes a bath and wash, hair removal if necessary, brushing and styling, ear, teeth, and eye cleaning as well as nail trimming. Depending on the dog size, coat condition, health and age, dog behavior and the services requested, the price of grooming services varies.

Depending on the equipment you require, grooming kits can be found for anywhere between $25 and $290, with an average cost of $75.

Additional costs to consider for an Akita


The average cost for a dog license in the U.S.A. is between $10 and $20 If you have an unlicensed dog, we recommend licensing it as early as possible. It makes locating your dog easier in an emergency.

It’s a chip.

It is possible for your dog to be on common medical and emergency databases. You’ll need to spend between $25 and $50 for your Akita if you’re in a state that requires it.

A dog is walking.

According to a well-reputed dog walker and dog sitter, Akitas are energetic dogs. She recommends hiring a dog walker for 30 minutes if you can’t take your dog out during the day. For a one-hour walk, the cost is usually between $25 and $50.

If you need a dog walker throughout the year, take that into account when planning for the expenses that come with a dog. There are apps that can be used to find dog walkers. If the dog is not well socialized, the owner might have to pay for private walks. These are more expensive.


If you are traveling over a long period of time, it is highly inadvisable to leave an Akita alone. If you have to leave your dog somewhere, dog boarding services are available. Depending on location and time of year, you can expect to pay between $25 and $85 per day.

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It’s a good idea to book dog boarding or sitting services in advance of busy times, such as the holidays, as you’re likely to get better prices. If you can afford it, you can look to see if any friends or family would be willing to host your dog.

You might be able to take your dog with you, as many airlines and train companies offer special provisions to help move your pets. Make sure to plan your trips early because you will have to submit a formal request ahead of time. It is important to plan when traveling with Akita as the cost varies greatly.

Yearly and monthly cost for an Akita

The cost of a puppy in its first year.

On average, the first-year cost associated with buying and raising an Akita puppy is around $4,415 and you can expect your costs to fall anywhere between $2,765 and $7,000. Moreover, most of your major expenses will be necessary early on during the puppy’s first year.First Year CostsRangeAverage CostPuppy$600 – $1,980$1,000Supplies$245 – $925$495Training$1,050 – $1,400$1,225Medical$425 – $855$640Food & Treats$410 – $1,290$760Grooming$0 – $480$240License$10 – $20$15Microchip$25 – $50$40First Year Total$2,765 – $7,000$4,415

Some of the optional costs are listed below. It is possible to have an optional first year costs range.

With additional services, including medical procedures, pet insurance and other services, these amounts can add up quickly. There is a potential first year cost range with Spay/ Neuter and Insurance.

Yearly and monthly costs after the first year.

After the first year, the costs go down. Supplies, medical expenses, food, treats, grooming services, and license renewal will all cost between $920 and $3,280 for the next year. The average cost range is between $105 and $410 with an average of $163.

With insurance and additional services included, such as dog walking five times a week for 50 weeks, and boarding, the average cost rises to $7,800. The yearly cost is between $5,195 and $10,905. The potential adult year cost range includes insurance, dog walking and dog boarding.

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