How much are cavalier king charles puppies?

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Price considerations

Before you decide to adopt this breed, you should budget correctly. You should plan on paying these yearly costs for a while since these dogs live for a long time. As they get older, their health will decline so you may end up paying more in vet bills.

Most of your attention will be on their price tag. Don’t forget about the things you need to purchase for your dog.

Getting a puppy from Craigslist

Puppies are the least expensive on certain websites. Puppies can be found through these means for a few hundred dollars. You might not save that much in other places.

These puppies are cheap because of that. They get less care before they are adopted, which can lead to a lot of problems. When they are puppies, they don’t receive the proper health care and vaccinations, which will increase your vet costs. You will likely end up paying more after you bring your puppy home.

Many of the puppies are not socialized correctly. It depends on who raised them. The person selling the puppy probably didn’t put a lot of time into their care. The puppy may be more prone to behavioral problems if it is not socialized.

Puppy mills advertise their puppies on the internet. Businesses try to produce as many puppies as possible. They often take many steps to make sure their dogs are well cared for. Puppy mills are illegal in many places. Until they are caught, they still sell puppies.

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Getting a puppy from a rescue

There are many dogs at rescues and animal shelters. Many dogs need a home. These dogs are usually not from the King Charles Spaniels. This breed is uncommon enough to not end up at the average animal shelter.

You may be able to find breed-specific rescues. These dogs are not puppies. A puppy that is advertised as a King Charles Spaniel is actually a mix of the two.

You can expect to pay between $100 and $300 for a puppy at a rescue. The shelter will be able to cover the vet care for the dog. Puppies cost more than adult dogs due to the need for more vet care.

Getting a puppy from a breeder

Buying a puppy through a breeder is the most expensive option. You get a bit more when you go through a breeder.

Health testing on any dog is done by breeders. The healthiest dogs are the ones that they choose to produce litters. It isn’t a fool-proof method in most cases, but this testing prevents certain health problems from being passed down to the puppies.

Puppies from breeders get basic health care before they are adopted. At least once a year, they receive their first vaccinations. For your pet’s first year, this extra care will lower your vet bills. Some of your dog’s vaccinations would have already been paid for, so you won’t have to pay for all of them.

Breeders socialize their puppies a lot. Basic training may come with some of them. It is easier for these dogs to adapt to their new home. It is possible to prevent behavioral problems later on and reduce the amount of training you need.

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Costs of health test

These dogs are prone to a few health problems. Specific health tests can be used for some of these. Many of these tests are recommended before breeding any dog, as they can pick up on genetic problems that may be passed onto the puppies.

The healthiest dogs can be identified with several health tests. Puppies from breeders are expensive because of these tests. The price of the puppy is linked to the health testing.

A heart clearance test is recommended. This must be done by a board-certified veterinary cardiologist. This test can cost a lot. It can be as cheap as $50 sometimes. It might be $300 other times.

The eyes of the dog should be tested as well. This testing can cost up to $200, but it must be done by a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist.

The dog needs to be tested for its kneecaps and hips. The cost for an x-ray to check for alignment is anywhere from $200 to $500. The kneecaps can be looked at by a regular vet.

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