How much should you bottle feed a newborn puppy?

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What Should You Feed Young Puppies?

The best thing to feed puppies is dog milk.

There is nothing you can buy online, in the pet store or at your vet’s office that is as effective at sustaining and supporting young puppies as dog milk is.

Dogs have been working on this formula for tens of thousands of years, while puppy formula manufacturers have only been doing so for a few decades, so they are a bit behind.

The first 24 hours of milk the puppies get from their mother is different from the milk they produce after that. The puppies will get started on the right track with the help of the initial milk that is called Colostrum.

It is not a good idea to bottle-feed puppies who are willing and able to get their food from their mom. Dogs don’t need extra incentive to warm up to humans, they’ll love you plenty without extraordinary efforts. Instinct will take over on both sides if they are given lots of love and attention.

Puppies who have been orphans or whose mother is unable to feed them should not be bottle-fed. Dogs only have as many puppies in a litter as a mother can feed them. In some cases, a little extra care will ensure that all the pups make it mast puppyhood. It is possible that it is necessary to feed runts or other dogs who do not thrive on their mother’s milk alone.

It is better to be cautious when you are in doubt. If you think some of your puppies may need bottle feedings, it is a good idea to talk to your vet. If you and your vet agree that bottle-feeding is the best option, you will need a commercial puppy formula.

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Powdered Vs. Canned Puppy Formula

If you purchase a quality puppy formula or milk replacer, you can use either pre-mixed canned products or a dry powder that you mix yourself. The type you choose will give your puppies the nutrition they need.

There are some differences between canned and powdered products.

Although they must be kept refrigerated, pre-mixed versions are more convenient to use.

The crux of the difference is that. The question in an apples-to-apples comparison is whether you’re willing to pay a bit more for convenience.

If you only came here to get a quick formula recommendation, Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacer is a quality product at an affordable price.

Our larger guide to selecting and choosing a puppy milk replacement can be found here.

Bottle Feeding Vs. Syringe Feeding: What Tools Should You Use?

There are two different ways to deliver good stuff into your puppy’s belly. You may want to try both methods before making a decision.

It may lead to a lot of mess if you use syringe feeding. Puppies don’t like eating from a needle as much as they like eating from a bottle.

By contrast, bottle-feeding takes a bit more time to complete and is a bit more laborious in general, but it provides the puppies with a more natural experience and it is less likely to cause a huge mess. If you use a bottle, you also leave the “intake” part of the equation up to the little sucker. The latter is more cautious than the former.

If your pups are getting the nutrition they need without swallowing too much air or getting any of the formula down the wrong pipe, you can use whichever option you prefer.

You will need to pierce the tip of the nipples that come with the bottles if you want to use a feeding syringe.

How do you perforate a bottle nipple tip for a puppy?

Two small holes in the tip of the nipple can be made by heating a safety pin. If you shake it vigorously, only a few drops should escape the nipple, because this will make a pair of holes that allow the proper amount of formula to pass through.

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While we are talking about tools, you might want to check out a digital scale for weighing puppies and tracking their progress.

If your puppies put on more than 15% of their body weight in a day, you will want to know if they are deviating from the norm.

Cooking Up Dinner: How to Mix Up Puppy Milk Formula

You can skip down to the next section if you are using pre-mixed formula. Continue reading to learn how to prepare your puppy’s milk replacement.

The first thing is:

There is a Pigpen, wash your hands before doing anything. It’s important to make sure your puppy formula is clean so you don’t get your cute little bundles of joy sick. You don’t need to challenge them with any of the bajillions ofbacteria crawling on your hands because their immune systems are still getting revved up. You will need to sterilize all of your equipment by boiling it in water for a few minutes each time you mix up a bunch of formula. It is a good idea to use clean tools and mix the formula according to the instructions from the manufacturer. Products are usually mixed into boiling water and cooled to the right temperature. You should discard any unused formula no later than 24 hours after you mix it up. You need to keep it in the fridge to keep it from spoiling.

If you prepare more formula than you can use at one time, you will want to sterilize the storage container before filling it.

You would be surprised how quickly you can adapt to your puppy-feeding system once you get used to it.

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