How often to feed 8 week old lab puppy?

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What To Expect From an 8 Week Old Lab Puppy

The eight-week period is when your Labrador puppy will most likely leave their mother and littermates to join a new home and family.

Despite his breed specific outgoing nature, your lovely and lively Labrador puppy is still at the fear threshold at such a young age.

There are eight things to expect from an 8-week old Labrador puppy.

There is a Your eight week old dog will sleep most of the day. There is a When he is awake, expect a playful pup because play is your Lab puppy’s main daily activity. Lab pups are very food-oriented, and they grow rapidly, so you should expect lots of excitement around feeding time. If your new puppy isn’t housetrained, be prepared to clean up any small messes inside.

Although puppies sleep most of the day, they can be quite a few when they are awake. You should be able to handle it if you are prepared.

Unless they are 100% house trained, they need 100% supervision. Unless you know your eight-week-old puppy is safe and secure, don’t leave him alone.

Feed Your 8 Week Old Labrador Puppy a Healthy Diet

Like all dogs, Lab puppies need to eat a healthy diet.

Energy foods include vitamins and minerals. Fats and fatty acids include vitamins and minerals.

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The dog food you feed your puppy must be specifically formulated for puppies. This will ensure that your pup gets the right amount of vitamins for his age.

It is safest to stick with a brand and type of food you know the puppy likes. Do it slowly, over the course of a week, if you need to change the brand.

Gradually add some of the new food to their bowl. They should be eating the new food by the end of the week.

The best diet for a Labrador is covered in this article.

If you don’t know what to feed your dog, ask your doctor for recommendations on the best dog food.

Feeding Routine for an 8 Week Lab Puppy

Your eight-week-old Lab puppy can’t eat a lot of food in one go because it will upset his stomach. He needs a lot of food so he can grow.

It is normal for an adult dog to have one to two big meals a day.

It is best to start with four small meals every day. That could be the following:

After your Lab puppy is 14 weeks old, you can adopt a two meal per day plan.

Don’t Give Your Puppy Too Many Treats

When your dog comes home after eight weeks, you should begin basic training. Positive reward-based training requires treats to motivate your pup.

If you use treats, make sure you give them only a small amount. A study in the UK listed Labrador retrievers as one of the eight breeds most prone to being overweight. A bit of control is required by your food-loving Lab puppy.

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One way to keep them from eating too much is to portion out their food for the day and use that as a reward. The puppy will respond in most cases.

Ensure Your 8 Week Old Lab Puppy Has Proper Vet Care

At eight weeks, your Lab puppy needs a lot of preventative vet care. This is the most important part of puppy care.

If you get your puppy from a reliable breeder, the pup should have already started with his vaccinations, and the breeder should provide the vaccine records. Make an appointment with the vet for a vaccine follow-up.

Puppies are more prone to worm infections than adult dogs, so make sure your pup stays on preventative medication. Sometimes puppies are born with certain types of worms, like roundworms and hookworms, where mother-to-puppy transmission is a significant mode of spreading.

It’s important that your Lab puppy gets the vaccine. The cure for heartworm is expensive and harsh on your dog, and it is a potentially fatal disease.

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