How to calm a puppy down at night?

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Make Them A Cozy Sleep Space

If your tail wagging friend doesn’t have a consistent, comfortable space to sleep in, they may struggle to find the will to go to bed when playtime is on the line. Similar to humans, animals should have a place to retire to when it feels safe and comfortable.

Older pups with sore joints can benefit from a memory foam dog bed. Small dog beds make chihuahuas feel more secure and enclosed. If you want a human bed for your dog, you can either put it on your bed or on their own mattress. Having a private place to sleep will help your dog sleep.

Dogs like sleeping on human beds because they have a higher vantage point to watch out for potential threats or dangers, according to Dr. Krahn, a sleep medicine specialist at the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic. Human beds are more comfortable. If you can’t get your dog to sleep on their own bed, place a few freeze-dried treats on the bed each night. Your dog will learn to associate his or her bed with treats and will be willing to go to bed in order to get a tasty reward.

Give Them A Gentle Rub Down

Whether your furry family member is a golden retriever, beagle, or terrier, they all love being petted by their owners. There are some motions you can make with your hands. petting your dog before bed relaxes you. It can be helpful to get a puppy to sleep through the night.

If you give your dog soft, slow caresses down the side of their face at night, it will make them feel better and allow you to spend more time together before bed. The circular motions around their cheeks are an effective method for doggy relaxation. You can tell which one your dog likes best by his or her body language and the rate at which they are wagging their tail. You will notice that your dog is starting to relax as you begin to calm him down.

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If you want to cover the length of your pup’s body, start at their neck and slowly work your way down their spine. When you begin to notice slight changes in their behavior and attitude, keep this gentle motion going. The gentle motions can calm a dog.

A nice ear massage can be enjoyed by your dog. A wave of relaxation is brought to your dog by the release of endorphins, which come from the nerve endings in your dog’s ears. Start at the base of the ear and work outward towards the ear’s tip with circular motions. You will be able to tell if your dog likes it or not. You can examine your dog’s ears for any sign of problems. You can learn how to clean your dog’s ears.

Relax Them With Dog-Friendly Sounds Or Smells 

For some humans, the sound of waves crashing combined with the smell of sand and the salty air is enough to make them feel good. Dogs, whose sense of smell is 40 times greater and can hear four times farther than us, are also susceptible to relaxing sounds and scents. Dog-friendly songs and puppy playlists can be found on music streaming services.

It’s possible to distract your dog with delicious smells and chews to help calm it. Freeze-Dried Bully Sticks are a good chew for your dog to chew on. Giving your dog a brain game to play as an outlet for their energy can help them relax. Set a snuffle blanket on top of your dog’s bed with some Minnows and Turkey giblets. Check out the 5 brain games you should play with your dog for more ideas.

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Dogs have different reasons for being restless, and it depends on your dog’s personality and experiences. There are a few reasons why canines act sleepy.


The time of day you feed your dog can affect the quality of food they consume. You wouldn’t feed a child a bunch of candy before bed and expect them to sleep, and the same goes for your dog. Feed your dog at least three hours before bed and take them outside to relieve themselves. Make sure you use a quality all natural pet food instead of a sugar filled one that can cause blood sugar spikes and other adverse effects.

The Slumber Yard is a leading bedding reviews website. She likes hiking and cooking when she isn’t sleeping.

He’s Overtired

It can be a sign that your puppy doesn’t get enough exercise during the day. It could be a sign that he got too much stimulation during his waking hours.

It sounds weird, doesn’t it? Shouldn’t being tired make your puppy want to sleep?

Puppies are a lot like human babies. If you’ve ever been around a toddler, you know that sometimes they don’t understand they’re tired and throw tempers rather than calmly settle down for bed.

Puppies are the same. They don’t understand that they’re tired. They need you to make sure they get the rest they need.

Is your puppy hyper because he’s not getting enough exercise or because he’s getting too much? There are overtired puppy symptoms and what to do about them.

Here is what you can do to help your puppy.

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