How to care for newborn boxer puppies?

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Socialization Stage – 4 to 12 Weeks

Boxer puppies will start running around the house. They may want your attention as well. Boxer puppies move away from their whelping box in the third and fourth weeks of their development.

Many puppies will have worms at this point. You will have to take a step forward to clean the surroundings because the mother Boxer may lose interest in cleaning her puppies excretion.

This is a good time to give your puppy some basic training. You should start potty training with basic commands like,’sit’,’stay’ and ‘come’.

Boxer puppies will be familiar with the surroundings and people in the house by the eighth week. socialize the puppy with other animals as well as people in your neighborhood A well-behaved dog is defined by a well-socialized puppy.

Boxer Puppy Training, New Born Puppy Care and Nail Clipping

If you don’t get your Boxer puppy used to nail clipping at an early stage, it will become very difficult as they age. Older dogs that were not trained this way do not like getting their nails clipped and it can take two people to do it.

One of the most important tips of Boxer puppy training is getting them used to nail clipping. It doesn’t have to be done right if you start clipping your puppy’s nails as soon as you get them, you don’t want them to see it as a painful process. If your puppy’s nails are white, nail cutting is much easier as you just concentrate on the white tip and never the pink. Nerve endings are not easily seen in black nail cutting. It is a good idea to cut close to the tip.

You have to start thinking about socializing. If you want your puppy to be a well rounded adult, she will need to be socialized with other animals at an early age. A puppy that is shy or aggressive with strangers will be prevented from doing that. She is important for large dogs. Enrolling her in puppy socialization classes will give her the chance to get used to strange environments.

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If you need more information about the Boxer breed, please visit the American Boxer Club.

Mama Knows Best!

Mama Pup will let you know when the time is right to say hello to her new kids.

She might hide the pups from you for a while. She will introduce them when she is ready.

When you try to meet her pups, they may show aggression at first. She is just trying to protect her babies.

Eventually, sense should win out over her nature, and she should realize that you would never hurt her pups.

If you want to show the pups some love, you must allow Mama to feed and clean them when they need it, and to give them love of her own.

When the Pups Require Your Help

There are a few situations that may arise when you have newborn pups.

Here are some tips on how to handle those situations.

The box is being cleaned.

Four to eight weeks after birth, Mama Pup will be discharged.

You will need to clean the whelping box if you want her pups to roll around in the filthy.

How do you minimize your contact with her pups?

You need to clean the box quickly and efficiently.

You don’t want to keep the pups away from their mom for a long time. You should get in and out of the box as quickly as possible.

Helping with the Milk Supply.

If your mama pup can’t make enough milk to feed her starving children, you may need to help.

When litters are large and she can’t make enough milk to feed everyone, this is more common for normal mama pups.

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If this happens, talk to your vet about what you can do to help her.

You can take advantage of the chance to feed the pups with a bottle at this time.

What Happens If Mama Pup Won’t Touch Her Pups?

A mama pup won’t touch her babies. What is this about?

If she is rejecting them because you touched them, it has nothing to do with you.

There are a number of reasons why a mama pup won’t be with her babies.

They are Sick.

It’s possible that the mama pup is rejecting one of her own because she’s sick.

It could be anything. Even in humans, dogs are masters at sniffing out disease. They would pick up a scent in their own pups.

Why do they reject them? The truth is that it is completely primordial.

If one of her pups isn’t going to make it, the mother dog will focus all her attention on the ones who are.

She sees no reason to focus on a case when she can help her pups thrive. It may seem harsh, but that is nature for you.

If you intervene quickly and involve your vet, you may be able to save the pup.

She is not feeling it.

You know how people say about some parents, “just because you can be a parent doesn’t mean you should be?” The same goes for dogs – and they embrace it.

Just because a pup is pregnant doesn’t mean she wants to be a mom.

Many mothers experience a surge of oxytocin while bonding with their newborns, but some mother dogs do not produce enough of it.

If a mother is unable to bond with her pups because she doesn’t make enough of it, then she will feel less connected to them.

She could turn aggressive toward her pups if you separated her from them.

Feed them vet-approved formula, keep them warm with a heating pad or towel, and give them love whenever possible.

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