How to get cat used to puppy?

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Dogs like to eat cat food. You should keep the cat food out of your dog’s reach. Dogs eat cat feces a lot. It is distasteful to you that there is no health hazard to your dog. It is upsetting that your cat has an important object that has been invaded.

If you try to keep your dog out of the litter box, it will also keep your cat away. It won’t change your dog’s behavior after the fact. The best place to put the litter box is behind a baby gate, in a closet with the door open from both sides, or inside a tall, topless cardboard box with easy access.

Meeting face-to-face

It is difficult to predict how a cat and dog will react when they first meet one another, so introduce them gradually and under your close supervision.

There is a There is a safe space in your home or garden that both animals will feel comfortable in. If they feel threatened, they should retreat to a safe distance. Don’t use a place where there are a lot of corners to escape. You could open doors.

There is a If you want to keep them separate, try the two with a barrier in between them. Pick a barrier that will allow them to see and smell each other at their own pace.

The lack of freedom to back away or escape will likely make either or both animals feel trapped and anxious, which is not nice feelings to associate with their first meeting.

There is a Allowing each one to see you interacting peacefully and happily with the other will allow your puppy and kitten to see you. You have begun to teach each pet that they can trust each other after learning that the other is not a threat to you.

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There is a At first, keep your dog on the lead. Try to keep the lead free from the animal. If something goes wrong, the lead should be used. They may not know not to bite your cat. This is part of the nature of some breeds. A nervous cat might attack the dog. Until your dog and cat are comfortable with each other, keep the lead handy.

Feeding time

It is not okay for the dog to have its dinnertime disturbed just because the cat can eat in peace. Cats are very picky about what and where they eat so they are less likely to try and eat from another animal’s bowl.

The diet of cats and dogs are very different. Too much cat food is likely to make your dog sick in the short-term, but it’s important to remember that cat food has higher levels ofProtein. So, when it comes to feeding.

There is a Your dog shouldn’t be near your cat’s bowl. If the dog can’t reach it, place it on an elevated surface where the cat can still eat.

They should serve their food at the same time. It’s easier for you to plan meal times because each pet will be distracted with their own food.

Keep the nails trimmed

While your dog is more likely to cause severe or even fatal damage to your cat if he or she feels kitty is a threat or doesn’t belong in the home. Your cat’s number one weapon is their claws. It’s possible to make a dog not want to approach the cat again, and it’s also possible to make a dog feel permanently afraid.

Don’t declaw your cat. He or she will feel vulnerable to attack if this defensive capability is removed completely. They don’t have to experience a painful procedure.

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By keeping your cat’s claws trimmed, they can still give your dog a quick warning, which will serve to teach them to keep their distance or learn when they have gone too far, without causing any lasting damage to the dog or to their owner.

Don’t force the friendship

A comfortable tolerance between the two pets should be your goal. You can’t force this relationship if you want to find the kitten curled up on top of the dog or the puppy accepting the family cat as its surrogate big sister.

If your pets ignore each other for a while, make sure they have their own space to relax in. The two can feel at ease in the environment created by this.

There is a Your cat will be able to relax if you train your dog to be obedient.

Encourage your cat to relax in the same room as the dog by using a high-up space or a cat tree. It will give your cat some peace of mind that he or she won’t be stepped on when your dog starts hopping around excitedly, if your dog gets excited at sounds from outside or the arrival of visitors.

By training your dog to respect the space and privacy of your cat, the two will be able to feel at ease with each other, eating and relaxing in the same room.

Even if they don’t show affection for one another, try not to worry. If they are not chasing each other, showing aggression, or eating the other’s food, you have succeeded in introducing the two to each other.

Two people showing indifference to each other is a sign of trust. Allow them to become more familiar with one another over time and, sooner or later, you might even catch them having a cuddle.

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