How to get older dog to accept puppy?

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What’s Normal Behavior Between the Puppy and Older Dog?

An older dog can correct a puppy. If the older dog becomes aggressive to the pup, there will be problems.

When a newcomer arrives in the home, it can be very difficult for an older dog.

Is your dog aggressive to the puppy?

If your older dog growls or snaps at the new puppy, that is normal.

As the puppy’s mother would do, the older dog is telling the youngster to respect him and back off.

The puppy needs to back off from the correction. He should be respectful of the older dog.

The puppy may make a noise. It’s probably normal if the interaction is brief and the puppy isn’t injured.

If there is a question about whether the interaction is normal, separate the dogs and get professional help from a positive-reinforcement trainer.

The puppy license is something we have noticed with our older dogs and new puppies.

Our older dogs let our pups get away with more when they are little but as they get older they lose their puppy license and the older dogs begin to correct their inappropriate behavior.

What NOT To Do

There are some things. You shouldn’t try to integrate the puppy into your house. You don’t want to set them up to fail.

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Don’t force them together.

The older dog should not be forced to be face-to-face with the puppy.

The older dog needs time to accept the puppy.

The older dog has a growl.

Some things the older dog does to the puppy are normal. The puppy is told that he’s crossed boundaries by growl and air snap.

If your dog seems aggressive to the puppy, get professional help.

Don’t allow them to be together until issues have been resolved.

Is It Normal For My Older Dog To Bite My Puppy’s Neck?

This behavior is observed between our puppies and older dogs a lot. It goes back and forth between the older dog biting the neck and the puppy biting the neck.

Our older dogs are very patient with our younger puppies.

Our older dogs like to play a game with the puppies. While making a growly noise, grabbing cheeks, necks, scruff, faces and showing teeth. It is a harmless game. It can sometimes escalate.

In our house when the game gets out of hand, our older dogs will sometimes make a noise and sometimes they will give the puppy a correction by nipping.

When your puppy and older dogs are playing a rough game, always keep a close eye on them. If you need to regulate play, you want to be there.

How Do I Stop My Puppy From Biting My Other Dog?

Here are some things we do to control our puppies.

There is a Your puppy’s body and brain should be exercised. A tired puppy is a good puppy. Bite Inhibition is one of our favorite methods. We like redirecting to our favorite chew, Bully Sticks. It’s a good idea to have a high-value treat ready to give. Bitter Apple spray is used to deter biting and chewing on fur. It can be used to deter another dog from biting. It is important to check the product and make sure it does not irritate your dog’s skin. A break gives your puppy a chance to calm down and play with your older dog.

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I considered my first two dogs to be the best puppy raisers in the house as they taught the younger pups the rules of the house. Sometimes they would give a quick nip to a puppy’s butt.

We now have two more easy-going dogs. I have to use some of the methods mentioned.

Set Ground Rules For New Puppies

Senior dogs and new puppies should be introduced on neutral ground, not in your home or yard. Take measures to avoid your senior dog feeling boxed out once they have acclimatized to living together in your home. Your senior dog should feel like their belongings. They are still theirs and not the new puppy.

Make sure the time for your senior dog is separate from the time for the new puppy. Constant contact can lead to conflict. One way to head that off is to give each dog some alone time. Both dogs need their own time and attention.

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