How to get puppy to wee outside?

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Spending enough time outside with your puppy

Puppies can’t control their bladders. Your puppy’s bladder is almost ready to be emptied, so he can’t do a wee outside.

He will be able to recognize the signs later, but right now it is not something he is capable of.

He may not need to pee if you don’t spend enough time outside with him.

Take a chair, a book, and a coat.

When you bring him in, you have a window of ten to fifteen minutes when you can be sure he won’t do another one.

Restricting a puppy’s access to carpets

If you let a puppy with a full bladder in a carpeted area, he will pee on them.

Puppies prefer the squishy surface of the carpet to pee on.

He will want to do it again once he has wet the carpet.

That is the way puppies are.

There is a window of time that follows the last emptying of the bladder for pups under three months old.

The window of time is very short at eight weeks.

Many puppies can last half an hour after a pee without doing another one. It can take another two or three weeks to reach this point.

You may need to put barricades across doorways in carpeted rooms, or you could borrow a large puppy playpen for your kitchen.

Access to grass outside

The soft surface of grass is attractive to puppies.

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There are exceptions. Some Labrador puppies that have been raised on concrete or a tiled floor may prefer to pee on a hard surface.

If you allow your puppy access to the grass when you take him outside, you will have more success with house-training.

If you don’t have grass, you will have to be patient and wait for the puppy. He will have to empty his bladder and get used to peeing on a hard surface.

Bad weather can stop puppies peeing outside

If your puppy arrived during a spell of nice weather and quickly got used to peeing in your yard, the first rainy spell can mean trouble.

If you suddenly find that your puppy won’t pee outside after previously being happy to do so, consider the weather.

Young puppies don’t like getting cold or wet, and often don’t like being outside.

Being brave about the weather is something your dog needs to learn. He needs to know that bad weather is nothing to worry about.

Even if you haven’t had to take your puppy outside in a while, it’s still the solution.

Once again, it is time to put your hat and coat on, and brave the elements until your puppy has accepted that he has to pee outside, no matter what the weather is doing.

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