How to get your puppy to poop outside faster?

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How to Get Your Dog to Poop Outside in the Rain or Snow

Dogs prefer to go to places that are safe, comfortable and smell of past eliminations because this increases their need and desire to “do their duty” according to a behavior counselor at Homeward Pet Adoption Center. It’s Wash. She says that it may be the carpet rather than the grass when it is raining or snowing.

You don’t want a mess on your carpets or floors, so you need some tricks on how to get your dog to poop outside. Try one or all of the strategies before the storm.

Train Your Dog to Poop Outside

The best way to get your dog to poop in the rain is to train him. It can be a phrase like “be quick” or a word like “potty” or “poop.” Then pair the cue with a reward.

Bekker says that your dog will learn to associate your cue and reward with the feeling of going to the bathroom.

Many dogs are food-motivated, so you don’t have to use food. You can give your dog a play session, a special toy or a longer walk.

It’s important to stick to a routine, no matter how old the dog is. Get your pet used to going outside. After a couple of hours, let your dog out. Your pet is more likely to leave if you reward them after a bathroom break.

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You can learn more about how to train your dog.

Dress Your Dog for the Weather

Bekker says that if your dog is cold and wet, he won’t be focused on anything but getting back to a warm place.

She says that when dogs are kept comfortable, their other instincts, including their desire to go to the bathroom, is more likely to be at the top of their mind.

If your pet has short fur, dress him in appropriate snow or rain gear. For winter, your dog needs a coat and dog boots to keep him warm. There is a plaid pattern on one side of the coat and a solid-print fleece on the other side.

If your dog doesn’t like getting wet, you can hold an umbrella over him. It will keep him dry so he can focus on the task at hand.

Try a dog raincoat. The rubber ducky raincoat has an adorable pattern of yellow duckies to help keep your pup dry.

Create an Indoor Potty Area

Plans for bathroom walks can be derailed by bad weather. You don’t want your dog to be struck by lightning or a power line.

You have to come up with an indoor alternative. You can provide an easy-to-clean alternative out of the bad weather if you keep some giant potty pads on hand.

Bekker suggests putting the pads on the porch or in a place where your dog doesn’t normally hang out, like the bathroom, because your pup may not understand the difference between using dog potty pads indoors and doing his business elsewhere around the house.

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Go on a Poop-and-Pee Walk

Even if you have a back yard, some dogs prefer company if they are going to go out in the rain or snow. Walking is good for you and your pet.

Some dogs go to the bathroom quickly because they want to go back inside quicker. Others take their time since they enjoy their walks.

If that is the case, repeat your cue word and keep the treats handy. It may take some time, but eventually your dog will learn how to poop in the rain or snow.

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