How to give royal canin to puppy?

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Tailored Nutrition

Each cat and dog is their own. We consider age, size, lifestyle, sensitivities and breed to develop precise nutrition for each and every dog and cat.

Rather than simply building our foods from a list of ingredients we wish to use, our nutrient-led approach means that we balance over 50 nutrients, each with its specific benefits, and then select the right high-quality raw materials to deliver these nutrients.

Terms & Conditions

You must be a member of the Royal Canin PRO Club to be eligible for the recommendation programme.

The Royal Canin Responsible Breeder Charter is part of the Royal Canin Pro Club Terms & Conditions.

Only litters that have been registered with Royal Canin within 4 weeks of birth are eligible for the recommendation scheme.

There is a There is a maximum of two puppies and kittens per household.

There is a You must have purchased a Royal Canin birth and growth product from your PRO Club account within the last three months in order to feed the puppy or kitten.

Breeder must only recommend Royal Canin to the pet owner.

The puppies and kittens that are being kept by you are not eligible for the recommendation scheme.

There is a The recommendation scheme is only available to pet owners who live in the UK or ROI.

There is a The text must be sent to Royal Canin. You can’t send a text on behalf of the new pet owner.

There is a On successful completion of the first call with the new pet owner, 20 breeder loyalty points will be awarded to your breeder PRO Club account. It could take up to 2 weeks to appear.

There is a Within 48 hours of receiving the text, Royal Canin will contact the new pet owner. This only applies to weekdays and excludes weekends and bank holidays, which can take up to 5 working days during busy times.

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There is a When a new pet owner redeems their money off voucher, an additional 30 points will be awarded to your breeder PRO Club account, this may take several weeks for the owner to redeem and the points to appear.

If there is reason to believe that there has been misuse of the scheme, Royal Canin may withdraw breeder participation and withholding points previously credited to your account.

Royal Canin has the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.

Malcolm Shovel, English Springer Spaniels

We know the benefits of feeding the right food. It is important that our puppies have the best start in life and that is continued in their rapid growth to maturity.

Our recommendation was backed up by the Puppy Pack. Before they pick up the puppy, they need to get the pack to the new owner. Getting the bags of food ties them into the benefits before they have a dog, because they are supported in finding a supplier. We always ask them to bring something we can leave in order to get the smell of the litter. The puppy is getting its own things. The Puppy Pack makes sure the puppy gets the best start. It was well received by all of the owners.

Clara De Dios, Nandinakatts

The new kitten packs are great. It gives the new owners something else to look forward to while they are waiting for the kitten, which makes them even more excited to send the text and wait for what they get. The kitten pack is cute and useful, instead of an envelope with vouchers that no-one was using, it has food and toy in it. The box for the kitten to play in is a better idea than the previous one and is being used by some of the new owners.

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Smartest dog breeds, ranked

Dogs have been humankind’s faithful companion since the Stone Age, and it’s not just because they’re so cute. Humans bred dogs to be perfect canine companions because they were intelligent in a way that was ideal for humans. According to renowned canine researcher and professor Stanley Coren, the smartest dog breeds have served as more than man’s best friend: They’ve been navigators and field guides, wartime comrades, detectives, garbage collector, movie stars, and security consultants. Dogs are among the few animals that have traveled to space, and they have saved many lives.

According to Coren, there are three types of dog intelligence. The first focuses on what the dog has been bred to do. adaptive is how well the dog learns from its environment to solve problems How hard the dog is willing to work to please its people is the third. The ability to communicate effectively with humans is underpinned by the desire and ability to understand their signs, actions, and commands.

According to Coren, the average dog can comprehend 160 words. What may be even more fundamental to effective communication between dogs and humans is that dogs care. Dogs are very attentive and responsive to us, according to the head of the Dog Cognition Lab at Columbia University.

The smartest dog breeds have certain characteristics that put their intelligence a step above. Some of our furry friends are known for being affectionate dog breeds, small dog breeds, or dogs that don’t shed, but others are known as the most intelligent dogs according to Coren’s rubric. How smart are dogs? The pups on our list aren’t ready to challenge you to a game of cards, but they do their jobs.

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