How to take care of boxer puppy?

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You can add vegetables to their meals

It is a fact that dogs need meat to be strong and healthy, but do not let this stop you from adding vegetables to your Boxer’s meal. Add fresh veggies and fruits to your boxer’s meal. Adding veggies like carrots, peas, and strawberries to your dog’s diet will help with their digestion. A low-quality ingredient like raw hyde can upset your dog’s tummy and cause problems in the gut.

Puppy-proof your home

Boxers are fun-loving and inquisitive. They like to walk around the house and poke their snout into new things. You will need to puppy-proof your home. If you keep sharp objects at floor level, your puppy will chew on them. Plants that are not toxic to dogs must be kept at home. Electric cables can’t be reached by your dog. It is a good idea to keep your dog in a crate when he is young.

Keep a feeding schedule

If you ration your puppy’s food, you will be able to feed them twice or three times a day. It helps your dog’s digestion to serve your dog small frequent meals. Boxer puppies are prone to bloat, so make sure your dog doesn’t eat a whole meal in just seconds. Feed your puppy little by little. This helps grow the bond between you and your dog and also ensures that your puppy does not suffer from bloat that can be fatal to your puppy’s health.

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Boxers tend to gorge themselves. They will vomit or bloat if they eat too fast. They can bloat from being so active. Small meals should be eaten throughout the day. Garbage bins need to be secured so they don’t get into them. Boxers will chase and kill animals in order to eat them. A boxer will be poisoned if he eats a poisoned mouse. Squirrels, oppossums and other prey species can carry diseases and parasites.

How Much To Feed A Boxer Puppy

It’s important to make sure that you’re feeding your boxer puppy the right food and that you’re also thinking about how much your dog should be eating.

Consistency with feeding times and the amount of food that you are feeding your puppy is important to their health. As the puppy grows, the amount of food that you need will change.

If you don’t know how much you should be feeding your puppy, consult our list below.

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