How to train a puppy from biting?

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Remember to Give Your Puppy a New Chance

Your puppy won’t be sent to her crate to stay for long if you remember that a timeout is just a short time. If you give puppies and dogs the chance to make a choice, they will learn the best and you will react to their choices. Reward your puppy for good behavior or ignore it. Don’t shout or hit, just ignore. Praise when your puppy gets it right. Give her something to eat or just cuddle her. Reward your puppy in a variety of ways.

You don’t have to tell your puppy not to bite. When your puppy bites, let her know about her poor choice by staying still. This is the result of your dog doing something. You can let her into her crate for a timeout if she keeps biting. She will not be part of the community. This is a serious consequence.

When your pup gets it right, it is important to praise and reward her. When she is calm, let her out of the crate and give her a new chance to play, like a bone or chew toy. Now you get a reward! It is important that your dog knows the consequences of her actions.

 My Dog Atlas: A Real-World Example

Atlas is an example of this. He gets very excited when I come home after a few hours. He wants to show me how happy he is to see me, and how much he wants to be with me. If we have visitors, this also happens.

I figured out how to keep him calm.

There is a box full of toys by the door. When someone is at the door, they are puppy toys. The toys are exciting for him. I will give Atlas one of the toys when I come home.

He accepts it because he loves it, but also because he wants to use his mouth. He runs around me with a toy in his mouth. He calms down a bit when he has to concentrate on this toy. Even though he wants to get closer, I reward him for not jumping or biting.

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It is a bit of a show.

If your puppy gets excited when visitors come, you can help her learn not to bite. Just have a toy that she can hold in her mouth. You can make your own dog toys.

Let your dog hold the ball in her mouth when someone knocks on the door. She will not be able to bite while giving her a job. When your puppy calms down in the first minutes of the visit, remember to praise her.

It is important and well done, so let your puppy know you approve. Every time your puppy gets excited, you can use a similar approach. Divert her attention. She should do a job for you. She should focus on something else. Help her calm down.

What to Do About Ankle Biters

Sometimes a dog will bite beyond your hands. If you have a puppy that likes to nip at your feet when you walk, you will definitely want to nip that behavior in the bud early. This behavior is common in herding breeds.

When you are on the move, keep a toy in your pocket to stop your puppy from biting you. If your puppy starts to bite, stop moving and wave the toy around until he bites it.

In instances of ankle biting when you don’t have a toy handy, wait for your dog to release on his own and then praise the action. Your dog will be rewarded for good behavior. Your dog should stop nipping at you eventually.

What Not to Do When Your Puppy Bites

There are a few things dog owners do when their puppies bite. There are a number of actions that will make your puppy play harder. Striking the side of the dog’s face to get him to play is one of them. This will cause your puppy to bite harder.

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Punishing your dog can make him more aggressive. There are punishments that can hurt or scare your dog.

If you jerk your hands or feet away from your puppy when he bites, he will jump forward and grab for you. It is more effective to let your hands or feet go limp. Your puppy won’t find them fun to play with.

Don’t discourage your puppy from playing with you. There is a strong bond between you and your family when you play with your puppy. You want your puppy to play with care.

It takes patience and understanding, but it is normal for a young dog to bite. If you think you need help, you should seek a dog trainer.

Bite Inhibition

If you want your puppy to stop biting, you need to teach it how to be gentle with its mouth. Bite inhibition is a process. To understand the sensitivity of human skin, puppies need to learn bite inhibition. Even when they are playing, those that don’t bite will.

Many puppies will learn inhibition during their playtime with their littermates and other dogs, and it will be a similar process learning from you. Think about a pair of puppies that stop playing when one bites them. When the other cries out, they usually stop. This is how they learn to be gentle. As play goes on, it continues. It is the same process with humans.

There is a time out where you keep your leash attached to your puppy. Instead of ignoring your puppy or walking away, take him to a quiet area and tether him there for a few minutes. After that, untie your pup and resume your activity. If you have a strong vocal reaction to the biting, repeat the tethering as needed.

Gradually, you can make your puppy be more gentle. Your puppy will learn how to play with his mouth.

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