How to train a puppy to bite?

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Pet Parent Question:

I have a question about a puppy. I have always had dogs, and currently have two Yorkies and a new puppy. The new pup is completely house and kennel trained and is a beagle and Dotsy mix. I have never had a dog that young to house train. She is a biter. By that. If she gets close enough, her arms, legs, hands, face are off limits. I have tried to control her, stop showing her attention, and give her toys when she bites. Nothing has worked. She will turn and attack with a fly swatter. She is very active and has a door that she can use to run around. I haven’t tried any of the advice.

Dog Trainer’s Answer:

HugeCONGRATULATIONS on potty/kennel training your new puppy! A high five to a pet parent. The secret to potty training is providing clear boundaries and rewarding good behavior, which you did so pat yourself on the back.

As we say in the dog training world, puppy nipping. It is important to teach your puppy that teeth on skin do not pay. It takes a few times to teach your puppy what he can chew on so hang in there.

There are a couple of things to try.

There is a Be sure to teach boundaries. The game is over if you are rude. You should walk away from your puppy when you feel teeth on your skin. If your puppy tries to pull on your pant leg, repeat the squeak and freeze. Then walk away.

Redirect to a toy. A quick game of tug of war can be played in front of your puppy. It works like a charm to have your puppy on the toy.

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You can spray bitter apple on your arms. Some dogs like the taste of bitter apple. Half of the puppies love the stuff.

The puppy will pass. This is part of puppyhood. Any fast movement is play behavior and Punishment makes it worse. The fly swatter is being chased. Just as you did with potty training, set boundaries early and follow them. Your puppy will soon be able to control the shark teeth.

I have an article on puppy nipping. There are some good tips for helping your puppy through teething.

Happy training!

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