How to train a yorkie puppy on training pad?

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Yorkie potty training: avoid most common mistakes

One of the biggest blessings in life is owning a Yorkshire Terrier. It can be difficult to train them to do their business properly. There are many people who give advice, but few who know how to deal with a Yorkie. Yorkie potty training is one of the most difficult tasks for pet owners and can be quite tiring if you don’t know the correct techniques. Taking a Yorkie outside to pee and poo can be frustrating. You need to know how to train your dog.

When is the right time to start potty training a Yorkie?

Many people keep asking when is the right time to start potty training a Yorkie. Pet owners don’t know how young a Yorkie needs to be to get training. Here is an ultimate guide to help you with the same questions.

When your dog is about 6 to 8 months old is the right time to start potty training a Yorkie. Your dog can be too playful for serious trainings if you start too early. The earlier you start, the easier it is.

It is not good for both of you to delay the Yorkie potty training. It’s difficult to train a dog after it’s too old. Your home becomes a mess if you allow your dog to pee and poo inside. As soon as your dog is 6 months old, you can start training him.

The age of the dog affects the amount of time a Yorkie can hold its bladder. When you see that the dog can hold the bladder for a long time, it’s time for the training.

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Yorkie potty training: things to have

You need potty training pads and spray before you start. While potty training spray will make your dog want to pee and poo on your carpet, blanket or floor, potty training pads are necessary for your dog to have a desginated place. If you want, you can use your dog’s urine.

I used disposable potty training pads when I trained my Yorkie.

There are disposable potty training pads.

They are absorbent and don’t leak like other training pads. You can find them here. You will have to change disposable training pads a lot. When your dog pees frequently, it can be quite frustrating.

You can use these training pads if you want.

There are training pads for Yorkies.

The link takes you to the Amazon.

I prefer disposable training pads because you just throw them out. It is up to you which one you choose.

Some people find it easier to make their dog pee and poo on an artificial grass pee pad.

There is artificial grass for training.

It makes Yorkies think that it is real grass and it is easier to make them pee on it.

Yorkie potty training step by step

Where would be the best place to put a training pad? This place should always be accessible.

Wait for your Yorkie to pee anywhere in the house or use potty training spray on the training pad. You can use the artificial grass pad to absorb some of the urine.

Return your training pad to the desginated place.

There is a Next time, your dog will want to pee there. Give your dog a treat if he pees on a training pad. Bring your dog to the pad if he pees on the floor. Tell him that you want to do business here. Do not give him any treats and do not praise him.

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That is it! If your dog isn’t going right in the beginning, don’t punish it.

How to train a Yorkie to pee and poo outside?

Discipline is needed to train a Yorkshire Terrier to pee and poo. Your patience and perseverance will translate into a disciplined and well-behaved Yorkie. Follow the 4 principles.

Take a look at the dog and see what signals it gives you. If you see your dog about to pee or poo at a wrong place, gently pick it up and take it to the correct place. To make the dog understand that the location of urinating and shitting is fixed and there should be no deviation, this has to be done repeatedly. Soon your dog will tell you when it needs access to that place. A dog can walk stiffly, smell the floor, or even hold the tail in an awkward position to tell you that something is not normal with it.

Prepare a schedule for your dog to follow. Puppies can’t hold for long because they have smaller bladders. To make your puppy understand when you will be taking it out for the usual business, you need to condition it well.

Pick a place for pee and poo. The Yorkie potty training needs to have a place where the dog can remember at all times. If your terrier responds to the training, you should reward it.

Reward your dog for good behavior and know when it has behaved well. You need to show your appreciation for the dog’s discipline by acknowledging his efforts. Reward the dog with something it likes to do. It will get ingrained in the dog that it will get rewarded if it follows the instructions to poo and pee outside.

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