How to use slush puppy machine?

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The machine is leaking.

The most common issue customers experience is this one. Good cleaning practices will resolve most leaks. The most likely cause is dirt and grime build up.

The rubber bungs and seals should not be damaged.

Clean and lubricate the seals. This will create an air-tight seal.

The rubber seals need to be replaced once or twice a year.

The slush mix is not freezing.

Dust and dirt is building up in the condenser, which is on the left hand side.

Make sure the syrup to water ratio is correct.

Airflow. Clear space is needed at each side and back of the machine.

The condensation must be cleaned every 2 weeks. The mix will not be frozen if a layer of dust/debris is present.

Clicking or knocking noise.

This is normal when the machine is brand new. During freeze up or freeze down time, the thermometer will click as it constantly adjusts. As your machine beds are installed, the noise will diminish.

Disassembling the slush machine to lubricate parts;

5 Plug the slush machine into the power sockets and turn off the main power switch. Remove the tank lid and wash it with soapy water. Don’t immerse the tank lids in water. Remove the tank by gently lifting the front. Once the tank is free, you can slide off the plastic spirals from the cooling cylinder. There is a large round seal at the rear of the slush barrel. All of the machine surfaces should be wiped down with a mild detergent and warm water. Pull out the locking pin and remove the O-ring/plunger from the draw handle valve. All parts should be washed in warm water and detergent.

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Re-assembling your slush machine;

1 Lubricate the O-rings, seals and plunger with food safe grease. Attach the draw valve assembly to the bowl with the tap handle and secure it with the locking pin. Put the soft seal on the slush machine drive shaft. There is a large round seal on the cooling system. The silver bush is located in the front of the bowl. The drive shaft has a Silicone seal. The cylinder can be slid onto the agitator/spindle. align the bowl/tank cover with the large rear seal at the back of the freezing cylinder Lift the agitator and slide the bowl into the front of the silver bush. The slot in the front of the bowl’s base is locked over the edge of the machine.

The slush machine is ready to use.

Slush-Puppy Machine Battery-US 250 HC Deep Cycle

6V 283 AH.

The weight is 35 grams.

L 295 x W 181 x H 295 m

Please check the dimensions and layout of the terminal. It’s against your old battery tray.

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