Is harvest view puppies a puppy mill?

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Harvestview Puppies

We are a family run business. Since 1999 we have been breeding our puppies. The buildings our dogs are housed in comply with the Pennsylvania State requirements. When state regulations change, we make sure we stay in compliance by changing our operations. We have many years of inspections with no violations.

How can you help?

Call Little Wonders Puppy Emporium.

If you are brave enough, contact the owner. Ask him about the welfare of the puppies. We don’t want to see a local business close down, instead we want the owner to choose a more humane business model by either not selling puppies at all, or helping shelter dogs instead!

Little Wonders can be reached on Facebook.

Share this article on their wall and tag their store to raise awareness about their connection to puppy mills. Their page is here.

You can visit the protesters on the weekend.

Whether you join them and hold a sign, or just drive by, your support means the world to the girls who are giving their voices to the dogs that have none.

Every city, every state, this part goes for everyone.

Pet stores that sell puppies and cats should not get your business. Consumers can change the problem of pet overpopulation in our country. You should visit your local shelter if you are looking for a new pet. Some dogs in shelters are overlooked. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at your local shelter, try Petfinder. You can search for any breed. If you want to buy a puppy, always demand to #ShowMeTheMommy.

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The president of bailing out Benji was a founder.

Little Wonders Puppy Emporium is nothing special. Pet stores across the country are buying puppies from out of state mills and passing them off as local, respectable breeders. Iowa exports over 100,000 puppies to pet stores each year. This is an inhumane business model that pet stores have adopted to make a quick buck. We need your help to end this industry. Walk out the door if you see puppies. Shop at humane pet stores that don’t sell animals. We will end this industry together.

Iowa USDA Licensed Breeders Make 2015 HSUS Horrible Hundred List

Each year the Humane Society of the United States puts out a list of the worst puppy mill owners in the country, and each year Iowa makes the list. 11 puppy mills made the cut in Iowa in 2015.

There are puppy mills in the following counties.

The puppy mills have over 900 adult dogs trapped in their facilities and they are living in some of the worst conditions in the country. Iowa is always represented on the “Horrible Hundred” list by the Humane Society of the United States. The links to the two previous years are here.

Iowa USDA Licensed Breeders with the Most Adult Dogs 

There are a lot of dogs in Iowa. Many of these facilities have made the HSUS horrible hundred list in the past.

Larry Albrecht is from the county. There are 261 adult dogs and 220 puppies.

J. Maasen is from Sioux County. There are 282 adult dogs and 158 puppies. This breed made the scariest mill list in 2015.

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They were Marvin and Newswanger. There are Maple Tree Kennels in Chickasaw County. 331 adult dogs were counted by the USDA.

Ed VanDoorn is from Mahaska County. There are 387 adult dogs and 152 puppies.

Steve Kruse is from Lee County. The latest count was There were five incidences on their latest inspection.

Iowa has over 10 pet stores that buy from puppy mills, but there are more Iowa puppy mills shipping puppies to stores out of the state. Click here for more information on them.

We are the only organization in Iowa that protests these pet stores. Each weekend we host protests in Ames, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. Please contact us if you know of a pet store that sells puppies. We can help educate the citizens in your town. Don’t buy the lies about puppies being puppy mill puppies.

The dogs in the puppy mills are in need of help. Share this article with your family, friends and coworkers. With each new person learning about puppy mills, we are one step closer to ending the industry.

If you have more ways to help, please contact us.


There are no words for it. As of October 2015, all info will be updated regularly.

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