What commands to teach puppy?

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Leave it or No

To tell your dog not to grab or pick up anything they are about to ingest.

This is a description. It’s possible that you don’t want your dog eating anything that isn’t necessary to digest. This is the reason why a no or leave it command is helpful. Pick up treats on both hands. To get your dog to lick or sniff at the treat, gradually move the first hand or treat to your dog’s face. If your dog tries to grab the first treat from your hand, don’t give it to them. When your dog doesn’t like the first treat anymore, give the second one. This action shows that they followed their plan. It’s important to practice the exercise until your dog masters it.

Down or Lie Down

The purpose is to calm down an excited dog.

The activity requires your dog to be in a passive position. Offer a treat for your dog. Hold the treat with your closed fist and move it closer to your dog. Allow your dog to sniff at the object and then slowly move your hand to the floor. Continue to slide your hand along the floor until your dog is lying down. The perfect time to give the down command is when they are down. Give your dog a treat or praise their behavior. They have to repeat this exercise until they master it.

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To calm your dog down and keep them self-controlled.

The activity consists of two commands: sit and stay. Train your dog with a command. Start by giving your dog a treat. Your dog will move their head and follow your hand if you hold the treat close to their nose. The dog should be given the’sit’ command when it assumes the sitting position. Give your dog a treat or praise and repeat the activity until they master it.

By the time your dog has mastered the stay command, teach it to them. When your dog is in a sitting position, open the palm of your hand and give the command to stay. Continue the exercise by moving further away from your dog. Give your dog a treat if he does a great job. Continue until they have mastered the exercise.

What Are Dog Training Commands?

Commands are used to communicate with your pup. They help teach him the rules.

Commands can be verbal or hand signals. Our tone and body language are read by dogs.

When they are taught what they mean, they can learn many words. One of my dogs was able to perform different behaviors for over 170 words.

Consistency in using the same words is important.

Consistency in hand signals can be taught. Hand signals can help a dog pay more attention to training. They are important in training deafness dogs.

At 14 years old, one of my senior Shelties became blind. I was able to take her places because I knew she would respond even off a leash.

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For training in loud environments and for distance work, hand signals are useful. Dog training is similar to stacking blocks. The more a dog learns, the more he learns.

Check out our puppy training 101 page for more information on raising and training your dog.

Why Should I Train My Dog? 

The bond with your pet is built with training. It helps teach him the rules. He learns to follow what you say.

A trained dog is great to live with. He can go with you to a friend’s house. To the beach. Or to the pet store.

You will not be dragged down the street. When your friends enter your house, they won’t be knocked over.

Your dog will not be locked in another room while you eat. The couch won’t be a chew toy.

Your pup gets some impulse control as a result of training. He will learn to control himself as he learns the commands.

It is possible for your pup to be successful in all settings.

Young dogs who have little to no impulse control can benefit from dog training commands.

There are so many benefits of training.

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