What is centrifugal bumble puppy?

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This is the #1.

In 1964

In 1965,

In 1966

The year 1967.

In 1968

The year 1969

In 1970

The year 1971

The year 1972

The year 1973.

In 1974

The year 1975.

The year 1976

The year 1977

In 1978

In 1979

The year 1980

The year 1982.

The year 1985

In 1986

The year 1988

The year 1991.

In 1992

In 1995

Adam is the son of Adam.

The Beatles.

Billy is the son of Billy.

Bob Dylan is a musician.

There is a person named Bono.

Buddy Holly.

There is a Christine McVie.

There is David Bowie.

Eric Clapton is a musician.

There is a band called “Fleetwood Mac.”

Folk music.


The man is George HArrison.

There is a The award is called the grammy.

The instrumental part.

Jackson Browne.

There is jazz.

Jimmy Page.

John Lennon.

John McVie is a person.

John Paul Jones was a man.

There is a The son of Larry Mullen Jr.

Laura Nyro is a person.

Led Zeppelin was a band.

There is a Lindsey Buckingham.

There is a person named Martin Luther King.

Mick Fleetwood is a musician.

The man is Mike Rutherford.


Neil Young.

There is a new wave.

Paul McCartney is a musician.

Paul Simon.

Phil Collins is a musician.

There is a protest song.

There is a drug called psychedelic.

Ray Davies is a person.

There is a person named Ringo Starr.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Steve Hackett.

There are temptations.

There is a saxophone.

The Beatles.

The Edge.

The Kinks.

Todd Rundgren is a person.

Tony Banks is a person.

There is a The top 40.

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It’s U2

There is a van morrison.

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