When do girl puppies start their period?

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When Do Dogs Get Their ‘Period’ and How Often?

The first heat or estrus cycle for female dogs is when they reach sexual maturity around six months old. Her ovaries release eggs when there is an increase in estrogen levels. Their estrus cycles last three weeks.

The average age of a dog’s first heat is six months, but it can vary between dogs. Some dogs go into heat at four months, but bigger dogs may be as old as two years before their first heat. It is best to wait until your dog’s third heat to breed her. Your vet can tell you when your dog is ready with genetic testing.

Dogs go into heat on average every six months, but this varies in the beginning. A regular cycle can take 18 to 24 months for some dogs. Small dogs go into heat as much as three to four times a year. Great Danes and St. Bernard can only go into heat once a year.

The length of time between estrus will increase as she gets older.

How to Manage Your Dog’s ‘Period’

Now that you know more about your dog’s estrus cycle, here are some products that will help you manage it. Before your dog goes into heat, you should get some disposable diapers.

There are dog Diapers.

It’s ideal for dog owners who are economical or green. They are absorbent with multiple layers. For small, medium, and large dogs, these disposable dog diapers are available. You can choose from neutral colors or prints. The diapers are both machine and hand washed.

With more than 4,700 reviews and 4.5 out of five-star rating, it is clear that other dog lovers find these diapers effective, helpful, and that they work great. $13.59 is the price.

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Dog Diapers.

Buying disposable dog diapers is a good idea if washing diapers isn’t your thing. Small, medium, and large breeds are also available with these diapers. The diapers are designed to be comfortable and leak-proof.

The customers gave an average of 4.3 stars. Reviewers said the diaper was a lifesaver and that it fit their dogs great. The price is $18.94

There are full-body dog Diapers.

Check out full-body dog diapers. Other veterinarians, trainers, and pet trainers use these diapers. These diapers come in a lot of different sizes and are designed to be secure. They help keep your dog safe from germs. These come in a variety of colors including pink, blue, red, and purple.

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What To Do When A Female Dog Has Her Period

You might have to clean up the bloody discharge when a female dog gets her period. Purchase some dog diapers to get around this. Dog diapers can be found in both disposable and reuse formats.

When a female dog has her period, it can be helpful to spend more time with her. If your female dog appears jittery during her period, this can be particularly effective.

It’s a good idea to have your dog neutered with your doctor. The heat cycle and periods will be stopped by this, as well as protecting your dog from unwanted pregnancies.

Did your female dog have her period? Did you already have your dog neutered? In the comments section, let us know what you think!

What Should I Do When My Dog Gets Her Period?

There are two main concerns when your dog is in heat: male attention and blood. You need to keep your dog away from all unneutered male dogs, even ones that are related to her. If you have a fenced-in yard, keep her on a leash when you leave the house.

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Bleeding is the second issue during estrus. You can either restrict her access to areas of your home that are easy to clean, such as the laundry room and bathroom. She can be crated for short periods of time. You can also try using disposables. They are an easy way to keep your dog out of your home.

It is difficult to care for a dog in the heat. You need to be attentive to her physical and mental needs, but also be aware that she might be upset. Spaying your dog is the easiest way to deal with estrus.

Dog behavior while in heat

To better understand the signs of a female dog in heat, it’s best to break down the 21-day heat cycle. Every dog is different and the 21-day cycle is just a guideline.

Dogs have two heats per year, but they differ in length of heat, discharge amount and hormonal changes.

Some female dogs in heat run away from home. They are not the only unpredictable actors. When a female dog is in heat, male dogs are also affected. They can sense the heat cycle of a female dog. There is no fence high enough for your male dog. He will find a way to get away. What can you do about it?

You can use a gps tracker to keep an eye on your dog. You will never have to worry about where your dog is. If your dog runs away, you can use the LIVE Tracking feature of the gps tracker on your phone to find him in no time.

Dog trackers are available for purchase.

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