Where does puppyspot get their puppies?

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Puppyspot is a no-cost service for breeders according to the man from Puppyspot. The site only accepts payments from families buying puppies. 1.5 million families use the site and it has about 250 page views per puppy.

Puppyspot clearly marks the dogs it sells, sometimes by a wide margin. I would advise sellers to stay away from the company since they had so many complaints from buyers.

The most common complaint from buyers was that the site demands that you sell healthy animals and take them back when they have a medical problem. This appears to be the wrong place to market healthy animals. The reputation of the site becomes yours.

Craig’s List is free and is one of the better places to sell.

From MeasuredUp:

I was told that I would have to pay an additional $400 for shipping the dog from out of state and that I would have to pay $3600 for the dog itself. There are puppies on a couch with other puppies that were born on the same day. The puppies were only $550 and 50 miles from me in the same state, but it was the same breeder. The pictures of the mom and dad were not close to what I received from pure bred breeders. Nothing that pure bred breeders said was true, and they added a lot of flight fees and 5X the cost while the actual breeder still only gets their asking price plus (if they really shipped puppy), the actual expenses for flights etc. They don’t give the breeders money when they lie about shipping.

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They will lie to sell the puppies and then charge double what the breeder does. Is it normal for them to change their name? They support puppymills the most in America.

From Yelp

Puppy Spot was a Purebred. When my puppy was less than a year old, he had to have surgery for a congenital hip problem. The company didn’t want to honor the contract and give a refund. I was told to send him back so they wouldn’t give me a refund. Right! Who would return their puppy?

I bought a puppy here for six hundred dollars. My puppy was warranted by taking dot to their recommended vet. I bought her six weeks ago. She has worms that won’t go away. At her first check up, she had them. Who wants to get their money back when they are in love with their new best friend? Don’t buy animals here if you love them. It is heartbreaking.

Before buying a puppy on Puppy Spot, please read this. I bought a puppy on this site. Toby was 12 weeks old. He was actually 9 weeks old according to my vet. He arrived in a crate from Texas. He was covered in feces and vomit. He was sick and shaking. He had a cough and gardia. They are a fancy internet puppy mill.

From Trust Pilot

You can get your pup for 50% of what they charge if you know who the breeder is.

My husband bought a golden retriever puppy for our family shortly after we lost our golden retriever to cancer. She had Giardia and worms when we took her to the vet the next day. After six months of being undersized, the puppy is now healthy but still vomiting and giving her medication. The puppy cannot be registered with any nationally accredited registration. I should have challenged the charge. I wouldn’t send the puppy back if they demanded the return of the property. I did not. Don’t believe the doctored photos and false promises of this company.

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Is PuppySpot A Puppy Mill?

We don’t know if Puppy Spot works with a network of puppy mill breeders because their team has always claimed to work with high-quality breeders but most customers don’t believe these claims The number of puppies they currently have for sale, the poor customer reviews, and the overall reputation of the company over the past 10 years points towards them working with puppy mill breeders.

Puppyspot changed their name a few years ago in order to remove poor reviews from being connected to their business, according to many individuals. Puppyspot is not approved by the USDA and that is one of the reasons why people think that their business model relies on puppy mills.

Puppyspot has helped to increase adoptions in the United States, but at what cost? Do your research before buying a dog.

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