Why do puppies eat rocks?

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Why Do Dogs Eat Rocks?

Rock eating can be the result of a problem.

pica is an eating disorder that can be caused by a deficiency in a dog’s diet. Other dogs may have undetected medical disorders. Puppies bite, chew, or swallow rocks in order to get relief from teething pain.

Dogs chew on rocks to draw your attention. They could be upset or anxious.

“They’re going to explore their world and they’re like human babies,” said Mindy Tusko, dog trainer and owner of Pawsitive Results Training.

Some dogs and puppies are attracted to rocks out of curiosity, as tasting different objects allows them to better understand their environment The attraction may be due to the smell, as rocks may have been marked by other animals or have food remnants on them.

It’s possible that your dog is tired of the same routine, toys, and activities that they are involved in, even if you think they should be enough.

“Boredom is a big problem and one of the reasons that we find dogs eating rocks is because they have nothing else to do.”

Since dogs are highly intelligent and need both mental and physical stimulation, they need to be constantly challenged. Dogs get bored with their chew toys the same way children get bored with toys.


boredom and lack of attention are the main culprits for why your puppy is eating rocks. There is a name for the condition that dogs get from eating rocks.

Sometimes if the dog is left alone all day because everyone is at work or school, they don’t get enough exercise and interaction to keep them happy. They look for things that keep them entertained.

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Puppies will do anything to get attention, even if that attention is negative. Outside of boredom and attention, a puppy may be more likely to eat rocks or non food items.

Not the least of disorders that include anxiety, frustration, and compulsive disorders. The dog has become bored and frustrated from the same routine, the same toys, and the same environment.

A simple change of scenery, giving them more attention, and keeping them stimulated by adding new toys into their life can make a dramatic difference.


The least likely of the three, this one should not be ignored. When you see a dog eating rocks because they are starving or have been abused, they are most likely homeless or living in rough conditions.

Once the pup develops a habit of eating rocks as a means of survival, it can be very hard to break it.

Be sure to always approach the situation with love, compassion, and empathy, leading with positive reinforcement and rewards. Also, this sounds obvious. Make sure they have enough food and water throughout the day.

Most of the time dogs have a good way of letting us know when something is off, but not always, so be sure to keep an eye out for these things as well.

Medical Conditions 

A more serious health condition could be the final reason for your puppy eating rocks.

A detailed history of your dog’s diet, behavior and blood samples would be completed once the vet rules out any immediate danger from any rocks. If your puppy has made this a habit, it’s a good chance that they’re not getting the vitamins and minerals they need, or that they’re getting a chemical imbalance in their bodies telling them to eat the rock.

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At that point, your vet would most likely be looking for a medical condition.

Puppies can be affected by illnesses that cause unusual behavior, such as eating rocks or foreign objects. They can range from a discrepancy in hormone levels to a lack of red blood cells.

The good news is that most of the concerns can be diagnosed with blood work, scans, and/or X-rays.

We can look at any behavioral issues that may contribute toPICA once your vet rules out the above concerns. Puppies need to explore with their mouths and are more prone to this behavior. If they accidentally ingest a small rock and enjoy it, they may continue this behavior, which could lead to health concerns and problems in the dog’s stomach.

Proper training

Basic training is the first step in stopping your puppy from eating rocks. It sounds simple and obvious, but it should not be overlooked.

There are two basic commands for dogs and puppies. Leave it or drop it. Can improve the situation. Simple commands such as these could be life-saving according to most doctors. There is a This type of training should start early on in the pup’s life, and you should approach them with a soft tone. If you notice your dog sniffing at a rock, tell them to leave it, but in a tone that is not going to startle, stress, or force the dog to hide. There is a You want to approach the situation with a calm and soothing voice so that you can easily remove any potentially harmful items from the dog’s environment. There is a Positive reinforcement and rewards go a long way in improving the process.

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